Customer Trusted is a 3rd party verification seal that verifies your business and its commitment to providing customer trusted service, products and information.

Increase the Credibility of Your Business

I bet this is expensive. Nope.

Being verified increases trust with consumers. Your potential customers can immediately see that your business is verified which increases both customer loyalty and sales. Trust Matters.



Up to 31% more for YOUR business if consumers believe your business is trusted and verified.


We verify your business through our proprietary process from privacy policy adherence, shipping and return efficiency, customer service, products and/or services sold, insurance, licenses and more giving your customers (and potential customers) confidence in your business.



Be the only business in your city and category with the Customer Trusted seal and start to build customer trust.

Trust Matters

It's the single most important thing for your company.
Get verified now!

More than 2,500 businesses now verified!

Brand Trust

8 in 10 consumers say they will continue to buy a brand they trust, even if another brand suddenly becomes hot and trendy. Company trust impacts buying decisions.

Competitive Edge

Running a trustworthy company with 3rd party verification is a major win and better chance of not only closing a sale but retaining customers long term.


From helping your brand with website and social media exposure, let Customer Trusted streamline your marketing efforts. Customers want easy. We make that happen.

No Fake Ratings

Low Cost

Stand Out

Consumers know when they see the logo, your business can be trusted.

Let's be honest. How can every company be A+ rated? They can't. This is why we give exclusivity in the marketplace so consumers know they get the absolute best of the best.

We don't charge for the number of employees you have. One sale, one customer can pay for your Customer Trusted verification many times over. No hidden fees.

Being verified puts you in an elite group of businesses that have shown their commitment to transparency, honest business dealings and customer satisfaction.

Build Customer Trust with our logo in print, online, mailers, company vehicles and more!

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