Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Trusted is a 3rd party verification seal that verifies your business and its commitment to providing customer trusted service, products and information.

Consumers want to know they can trust the companies they do business with whether that be basic business practices (like services companies having a license, being bonded, complaints filed, having insurance and more) to online businesses adhering to privacy policies, shipping and return practices, credit card protection, customer service, products and overall company trust. You want your customers and more importantly your potential new customers to know you are a company that is Customer Trusted.

Build customer trust. If consumer see your business is Customer Trusted they know the business has been verified by a third party on its business practices. You work hard for your money and when you order a product or service what you want is exactly what you paid for.

Customer Trusted uses numerous research methods from court records, license checks, customer service checks and even in numerous cases ordering and return product sampling. What Customer Trusted does is the background work consumers want and need to know.

No. We can’t guarantee service or products from companies. What we do however is keep an eye open for businesses that have numerous complaints, lose their license, use phony sub-businesses and more. Companies that apply for the Customer Trusted Seal must maintain certain business standards. Once a business is found not to be in accordance with the Customer Trusted terms, the company is stripped if its Customer Trusted Seal usage.

Yes. Any business can apply. Once you pay for verification, we review your company details. Getting approved is not guaranteed. We don't hand out A+ rating like skittles.


Yes! We only accept one categorized business in each city. For example, if you are an architect in Oklahoma City, your direct competitor in Oklahoma City cannot be Customer Trusted verified. That is a HUGE advantage.

Unfortunately not at this time. If you have a product you would like to have our Customer Trusted logo on, please contact us directly.

Yes! We have more than 200+ clients where we provide services such as website design, social media marketing, public relations, grass roots and event marketing, branding, content creation and more. Contact us at to discuss your marketing needs.


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