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Patio of the Week: Designer’s Cozy Retreat in a Side Yard

Tight on space, big on style, this 15-foot-wide Boston patio has an outdoor kitchen, dining area and fireplace lounger

When interior designer Trevor Fulmer and his husband found a corner home with a sunny side yard in South Boston, they knew they had discovered something special. “Being in Boston proper with this square footage of outdoor livable space is very rare,” Fulmer says. “We both knew it had incredible potential.”

Soon, the designer was dreaming up plans for the space, including areas for outdoor cooking and dining and a fireplace to enjoy in the evenings. Despite the side yard’s narrow footprint, Fulmer was confident he could find room for outdoor living areas as well as a water feature and plenty of plants. “We wanted the space to feel very lush and green, like a little oasis in the concrete jungle,” he says.

Patio at a Glance

Who lives here:Trevor Fulmer (who also designed the space) and his husband, Jim Mattus, a corporate attorney

Location: South Boston

Size: 585 square feet (54 square meters); 15 feet (4.7 meters) wide and 39 feet (12 meters) long

Builder: B H Brown Landscape Design


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